mardi 29 septembre 2015

Pet relocation to Switzerland

Switzerland import animal pet / Voyages animaux Suisse

Moving animals or pet relocation to Switzerland may take a little logistics and preparation. As Switzerland is one first door of entry for Europe, they require several papers such as the EU health certificat, an import permit if coming from a rabies country and other documents. The criterias will change if flying with your pets in-cabin or in-hold or as manifest cargo if your pet are travelling alone. Criterias will change again if coming from EU country, Tiers country or countries with rabies. 

Each is selective and will demande much attention. Always check with the right authoritites, not doing so will be very expensive and pets will be returned to the original country. Other services animal export/import are available from United States to Europe via Switzerland, Africa, Australia, South America and many other destinations. 

New affiliates join the network daily so check back often. Departures for pet relocation, pet moving can be made as well from Zurich Flughafen ZRH airport, Geneva GVA airport, London LHR airport, Paris CDG airport, Nice NCE airport as our local representatives are now present in all. Contact P.A.N. for your favorite move moving, animal travel.

Pet import United States
Pet export United States Los Angeles
Pet move Newark (EWR) customs clearance
Animal relocation Phoenix (PHX) airport transport
Animal move Atlanta (ATL) veterinarians
Pet relocation Zurich (ZRH) hund transport
Pet relo United Kingdom (UK)
Pet moving import Paris (CDG) Pet moving import Nice (NCE)

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