mardi 20 octobre 2015

Switzerland relocation pets animals Zurich

Affiliate agents Zurich A successful summer with a large amount of departures and arrivals from all destinations around the world into Zurich airport. Our regional agent in Zurich has worked hard in connecting with local affiliates in order to organise dogs and cats be delivered to their residence in Zurich, Zurich city, Basel and even to Bern. Departures where made by agents such as Cargologic, World Freight with customs clearance as well. We look forward to all 2016 new exports or imports of pets for passengers travelling with them or pets travelling alone. We will celebrate our last departure of the year of a passenger leaving Zurich for San Francisco the 30th december :-) Dubai, Australia, United States, South America and many other destinations where offered directly from Zurich. New affiliates have joined as well our network in Geneva and Zurich. Departures are covered by our local representative Zurich airport. Contact P.A.N. for your favorite pet move moving.

Pet import Switzerland Geneva/Zurich
Pet export Switzerland Geneva/Zurich
Pet move Zurich (ZRH) customs clearance
Animal relocation Zurich (ZRH) airport transport
Animal move Zurich (ZRH) veterinarians
Pet relocation Zurich (ZRH) hund transport
Pet relo Geneva (GVA)
Pet moving Zurich (ZRH)


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