mardi 20 octobre 2015

Zurich animal pet import export clearance

New Pet Moving and relocation Service by PAN at the Zurich airport

ZURICH PET RELOCATION - ZURICH PET MOVING As of 01 May 2013 you can now organise your pets with our AVIcare.Zurich (ZRH) program for all exports from the zurich airport. Our new agent has joined our network and can cover all aspects from boarding, kennels, catteries, vet visits, pick-up services from home, flights as a passenger with your pets in-hold/in-cabin and all pets travelling alone.

With this new services we can also now offer check-in assistance direct at the Zurich airport to our passengers who need help at the airline check-in.

PAN Travel assistance
PAN offers now as well their check-in assistance on the non-stop PET service flight for you as a passenger travelling with your pet as excess bagagge or in-cabin. You can now book your flight and we will take care via our network the authorizations, import permits and customs clearance in the country of your choice. For contacts in Zurich our email

Please check our airport info details at
Our AVIcare program will help you book your ticket, vet visits, pick-up at residence, deliveries in Zurich, travel with the right agent and have your pet delivered if needed by any one of our pro-agents. You may contact our Zurich agent for further information.

IMPORTANT - Careful with booking your online flight as this does not garantee your pets will fly with you. Once booked to make any changes will incure much cost.

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